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ABC's Youth Program is based upon the principle that our youth are our future. Proper engagement, discussion, education, fun, ideas and mentorship is provided to all Members from our current Members and Community Champions. Join us for the discussions.

ABC Youth Program Financial Literacy Overview

Wealth Literacy missing from many communities of color is the ability to navigate, manage and understand individual, family or community aspects of their financial wellbeing. The outcome of the program is to create a strong foundation for long-term financial growth and successful management.

Our Speakers on this matter take pride in offering their best guidance in their day-to-day lives in order to accomplish the goals of the folks they work with. Join us for a discussion on the topic and your feedback is always welcome.

ABC Youth Program Entrepreneurship Overview

Our Entrepreneurship Program is designed to assist and mentor today's youth while guiding those brave enough to explore the early hardships and future successes of the Entrepreneur.

ABC Youth Program

Engagement Champions

We have carefully selected a group of Champions to help guide our youth and multiple disciplines. Join us to hear and connect with your Speakers.

Sean Swaby

ABC Youth Program Wealth Management Speaker

Janet Middlesborough

ABC Youth Program Speaker

Jason Wardaugh

ABC Youth Program Speaker

Tom McLeod

ABC Youth Program Speaker

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