Milton Hart, BA (Hon), MES, OCT, B.ED.


Milton Hart is a professor, teacher, ex-military officer and Olympian. He truly believes that we can do great things if we remove all systemic barriers and oppressive systems.

Our Executives are professionals, parents and proud Canadian citizens!

Michael Corniffe

Vice Chair

Mr Corniffe has a heart of gold and unbridled enthusiasm for his community and culture. His life and work have taken him around the globe as an athlete or in business. A Toronto native, he worked extremely hard to acquire a scholarship to the University of Nebraska where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration but has had a love of coding since age 4 some will tell you. Credited as being a member-in-part of many of the world's first in technology, you can find Michael today not far away from a laptop performing coding or technical duties. A Co-Founder of the sports firm Basic Speed & Agility Group as well as the tech firm Pawpular App Inc, Michael continues to enjoy the best of sports and software in his international travels while eagerly looking forward to watching his Athletes at an upcoming Olympic Games.

Vincent Estick

Public Relations Officer

A father, husband and sometimes outspoken activist, who is currently involved in five not for profit boards. He is born of Caribbean roots, raised in Ontario, Canada; Vincent has lived and learned in the US, East Africa and EU for some 45 years, relocating to Newfoundland eleven years ago. A tech industry Senior Executive having worked with Fortune 100 & 500 companies in various industries such as Automotive, Telco, Mobile, Enterprise software, SaaS /PaaS and Marketing Services. A passionate leader, who enjoys knowledge sharing, mentoring and bridging gaps.


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Ron Kellman

Membership Chair

Ron maintains a very high profile in his community as a leader, effective communicator and business professional.


Secretary and Governance Officer

George is consistently one of Canada's premier Information Technology professionals. An avid mentor of youths and business leaders, George continues to be a highly sought-after community leader.